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Application Note - AMP Flasher™ ACI Current Indicator with Remote LED
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AMPFlasher™ ACI Series

AC Current Indicators
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The ACI Series Current Indicator is a compact, inexpensive, easy-to-use LED ring which slips onto a conductor to give a flashing visual indication of current flow. Ideal for use in control panels, or wherever confirmation of current flow is desired, AC current indicators are a cost-effective way to detect live conductors and see current flow to fans, heaters, pumps, lighting or other powered devices.

Low Sensitivity Turn-On Point
  • Detect currents as low as 0.5 A with a single conductor pass, eliminates the need to wrap conductors through multiple times to increase sensitivity
High Visibilty Flashing LED
  • Flashing LEDs perform better in daylight conditions and from multiple angles than constant on LEDs
Choice of Outputs
  • LED output standard, optional LED on 24” pigtails for remote indication